Monday, September 13, 2010


A planning application 2010/16934 has been lodged with warrington borough council to develop part of Upper Moss Side as a Model Aircraft Flying site.

A number of farmland BAP species, barn owl and brown hares use this and adjacent sites for feeding and/or breeding.

Objections need to be received in writing before Sep 23rd.

Details of the application and how to object will be posted here as soon as I can.

Please support local wildlife and object to this application.

Many thanks



  1. Hurry up and post a link where people can object, the model planes were the bane of my life when i was doing richmond bank and the tip area. i did see a few crashes tho', which i thought were very funny - £500 model aircraft amashed into the mud - hilarious !

  2. Will be up as soon as speak to WBC environmental person this afternoon. Crashes are useful to mention. I've found two crashed planes on Upper Moss Side - must be a risk to the other users of the site I'd have thought...