Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PLANNING APPLICATION - Warrington Residents help needed!

Hi all,

With respect to the planning application posted previously, it has been drawn to my attention that;

1. This matter may be approved by the council unless it goes to committee. The way to ensure it goes to committee is for somebody who lives in the Warrington area to ask their local councillor to get involved. He/she will then raise it to be added at the next development control meeting, which can be attended by the public.

2. It may help if somebody were to recommend to the council that a site visit may be necessary for councillors to appreciate the area which will be disturbed.

3. It may be worth mentioning the traffic impact - currently only residents use Lapwing Lane, whereas the flying club state they have 76 members - quite an increase. This may encourage the traffic / highways people to get involved.
Please help if you can!

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