Monday, June 28, 2010

Dirty Dunnocks!

Well I've seen Dunnocks get up to quite a bit of jiggery-pokery over the years, not surprising perhaps given their penchant for rampant sexual meanderings, BUT I have never had one eject semen onto my patio until this afternoon!

Just got home and was pouring myself a refreshing glass of Lime-onade after a waaay too humid sesh in the office when what should I spot but a male Dunnock pecking at a female's cloaca - right under my garden chair - dirty little bastard! She responded with a quick squirt, after which the male obligingly refueled the little hussy with an equally quick, well-aimed, hop 'n' pop. Deed done, they went their separate ways... her smoking a cigarette, him a cigar.

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