Saturday, September 18, 2010

When and where NOT to fly your planes...

Hey peeps, in the saga that has of late dominated my blog (apols - but tiz important), came across this interesting little snippet. It's an extract from the 2010 Issue of the  *British Model Flying Association's handbook.

It refers to the The Department of the Environment Code of Practice for Minimising Noise from Model Aircraft...


Section 8.1
Nature and wildlife reserves, country parks or other countryside areas where people go to relax in quiet and peaceful surroundings, should also be avoided by model flyers.
Section 8.2
Most animals, whether wild or domesticated, are probably not unduly worried by model aircraft noise [no evidence given, btw...]; it can however be distressing to some at sensitive times, for example to mares when in foal, sheep at lambing time or birds in the nesting season. It is recommended that model flying clubs or representatives should discuss with the owners of surrounding land, or local wildlife preservation bodies, any times and places where animals are likely to be unusually sensitive and would benefit from a temporary suspension or reduction of model flying activity.
It appears that our friends from the Warrington branch are ignoring their own code of practice somewhat...

You may wish to mention THAT in your objection too!!!

*full version here

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi All, update on the Moore planning application. Have just spoken to Warrington BC and it looks like their planning workload is pretty high. This is good news for us as it means they are very likely to accept objections to the Model Aircraft planning application past the nominal cut-off date of 23rd September - so please continue to spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to object (see previous posts for links).

You may also like to take a quick look at this short piece on the Warrington BC website and mention it in support of your objection if you've yet to comment online.

AND finally, if you're on Facebook you may wish to go to the Moore NR page for other info...!/pages/Warrington-United-Kingdom/Moore-Nature-Reserve/325928645357 I see the current estimate of visitors is around 30000. Kinda shows the value of the place relative to the 76 club members seeking to fly their planes there eh? I make that almost 400 visitors per model aircraft club member. You might want to mention THAT in your comments too...

AND on a totally unrelated note...

had a brilliant few hours on Hilbre yesterday... masses of Leaches Petrel close in, Sabine's Gull, Arctic Skua, Manxie, Common, Arctic, Sandwich and Little Terns still, Gannet... all good ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PLANNING APPLICATION - Warrington Residents help needed!

Hi all,

With respect to the planning application posted previously, it has been drawn to my attention that;

1. This matter may be approved by the council unless it goes to committee. The way to ensure it goes to committee is for somebody who lives in the Warrington area to ask their local councillor to get involved. He/she will then raise it to be added at the next development control meeting, which can be attended by the public.

2. It may help if somebody were to recommend to the council that a site visit may be necessary for councillors to appreciate the area which will be disturbed.

3. It may be worth mentioning the traffic impact - currently only residents use Lapwing Lane, whereas the flying club state they have 76 members - quite an increase. This may encourage the traffic / highways people to get involved.
Please help if you can!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PLANNING APPLICATION - plans and how to object

Hi all,

If you wish to see the plans for the proposed development of part of the Moore NR / Upper Moss Side site as a model aircraft fly-zone and object to it please read on. DEADLINE for comments is before 23rd September!

The plan is here

Scroll down, tick the copyright box and then click search applications online.
Click search for planning application.
In the planning reference box type 2010/16934 and press enter
Link to documents appears - click and follow to open plans etc.

The objection (aka comment) page is here

Please ensure you put your details in, as anonymous comments are not considered by the planning people. Note that you can attach longer comments as a document. You do not have to confine your remarks to the 255 characters allowed in the comment box.

If you have any queries about the process or want to check anything I believe the email you need is  and their telephone number is 01925 442819.

Speaking to people, objections centre around disturbance to the peace and quiet of the site AND importantly the bird species that are present on and adjacent to the proposed fly-zone. If you look at the planning application you will notice in Section 14 that they claim NO Priority Species are likely to be disturbed on or near the site. This is untrue. You may wish to comment on the presence of any of the following species that you have seen / heard  in the area... all are UK BAP and/or Cheshire BAP and/or BoCC Red List species.

Skylark, Yellowhammer, Tree Sparrow, Reed Bunting, Grey Partridge, Lapwing, Linnet, Barn Owl
Brown Hare

BoCC redlist species such as Willow Tit, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker that use the area by the feeding station, Grasshopper Warbler that uses the fields of Upper Moss Side and the capped tip, even the Bitterns from the eastern reed bed have been known to feed on the river nearby and sometimes use the ditches on Upper Moss Side.

My own view is that it's not just the breeding birds during spring and summer that are at risk of disturbance but also wintering flocks and passage migrants. Whatever your views and own personal experience I hope you will make them know to the planners and help keep the area a quiet, peaceful and a rich wildlife area that we can all enjoy.

Thanks in advance, for your support.


Monday, September 13, 2010


A planning application 2010/16934 has been lodged with warrington borough council to develop part of Upper Moss Side as a Model Aircraft Flying site.

A number of farmland BAP species, barn owl and brown hares use this and adjacent sites for feeding and/or breeding.

Objections need to be received in writing before Sep 23rd.

Details of the application and how to object will be posted here as soon as I can.

Please support local wildlife and object to this application.

Many thanks


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tick 129...

"Impromptu hour on the patch yields shortest blog post on Moorepatcher page ever..."

2 Tree Pipit - Black fields

Friday, September 03, 2010

Moore stuff on the move...

Very quiet on the river first thing, just 20 Lapwing, a few dozen gulls and a solitary Curlew. Hopes of picking up a Curlew Sandpiper passing through were, therefore, quickly dampened. But the short spell by the River Mersey was not, it turned out, an uneventful one - in fact it was a little surprising. Things began gently enough... a slow build up of gulls... 375 Black-headed Gulls, 85 Lesser Black-backeds, 8 Great Black-backeds, 10 Herring, 1 Yellow-legged... Curlew numbers doubled... to two(!) and several hundred Lapwing, strung out in lines began to wind their way downriver towards where I was sitting. Only 170 finally ended up on the mud to my right though - the others just sailed by. Shortly after, the first wildfowl of the morning put in an appearance... 2 Gadwall and 46 Canada Geese followed by a solitary Cormorant. No herons today. Now, none of this is unsual for Halfway House. In fact, quiet days are the norm and so I decided nothing much was going to happen and made a move to go... and then...

Peregrine. Big female lowish left. She landed on the top of one of the pylons and began calling. Kept this up for a good minute then stooped down the middle of the pylon from which emerged a second Peregrine. It also began calling, so there was this 'duet' going on as the birds flew around, amiably enough it seemed, before flying off south over the Manchester Ship Canal. Now I don't know if I'd been on visual autopilot and all their racket had tuned my ears in or what, but suddenly I began hearing things. Ringed Plover calling. Blackcap 'teck-ing', Whitethroat churring and... Coal Tit singing. Coal Tit? Here?? Never had THAT before...bit odd. Then there was another calling. Two Coal Tits. Then a *Great Spotted Woodpecker flew past - never had one of those from here either, nor theTreecreeper that was now trilling from the scrubby trees behind me from where the Coal Tit was singing. Then Goldcrest... hang on, that's new for here too (!) and another Coal Tit... another Treecreeper... 2 more Goldcrests... 2 more Coal Tits. another Great Spotted Woodpecker. Woodland stuff dispersing? I decide to have a good mooch at the trees and bushes from the canal path. There's LOADS of stuff in there... 4 Robins, 2 Wrens, 1 Dunnock, 3 Willow Warbler, 2 Blackcap, 6 Whitethroat, 1 Chiffchaff, 5 Bullfinches, 2 Greenfinches, 2 Blue Tits, 1 Great Tit and something else... well I never. I certainly did NOT expect that here today... *COMMON REDSTART! Another woodland bird on the move. An immature from the look of it, busily feeding away. A patch first for me and year tick 128. Happy days :)

Got 2 Dunlin on the mud as I packed up, thoroughly pleased with my short jaunt and headed off. Also bagged a few other things round and about, best of which were 2 Kingfishers, 1 Green Wooodpecker, 1 Green Sandpiper, 10 House Martin, 2 Sand Martin, 24 Swallows, 60 Goldfinch, 4 Common Buzzards, 3 Grey Partridge and a flock of 23 Long-tailed Tits.

* Moving east. Everything else was  moving west