Saturday, August 07, 2010

Patch Snack...

Had a patch snack this afternoon. Just an hour. Halfway House yielded 902 Lapwing, 109 Curlew, 6 Grey Heron, 5 moulting Shelduck and a Common Buzzard hovering in the breeze. No time to count the gulls... Pumphouse Pool had 4 Common Buzzard nearby calling (2 adults, 2 juvs so probably a family party), female Peregrine over the viaduct, Kingfisher on the pool and the first returning Common Snipe of the year. Immaculate bird, so presume at the moment that it's a juv until I can check snipe moult patterns... that's it.


  1. Nice Snipe pic MP, a difficult species to get pictures of (for me anyway).

  2. It is indeed Phil! Not mine though I have to confess, like most pix on here, except, that is, for site pix and blurry, grainy bird stuff from my old digiscoping days :o