Saturday, September 18, 2010

When and where NOT to fly your planes...

Hey peeps, in the saga that has of late dominated my blog (apols - but tiz important), came across this interesting little snippet. It's an extract from the 2010 Issue of the  *British Model Flying Association's handbook.

It refers to the The Department of the Environment Code of Practice for Minimising Noise from Model Aircraft...


Section 8.1
Nature and wildlife reserves, country parks or other countryside areas where people go to relax in quiet and peaceful surroundings, should also be avoided by model flyers.
Section 8.2
Most animals, whether wild or domesticated, are probably not unduly worried by model aircraft noise [no evidence given, btw...]; it can however be distressing to some at sensitive times, for example to mares when in foal, sheep at lambing time or birds in the nesting season. It is recommended that model flying clubs or representatives should discuss with the owners of surrounding land, or local wildlife preservation bodies, any times and places where animals are likely to be unusually sensitive and would benefit from a temporary suspension or reduction of model flying activity.
It appears that our friends from the Warrington branch are ignoring their own code of practice somewhat...

You may wish to mention THAT in your objection too!!!

*full version here


  1. Hi dude,

    Ive posted an objection on the Council website.

    Fingers X-ed!

    See ya soon

  2. My comments gone in too. Email to planning dept to follow - too few characters on form even wth abvs! Dj.

  3. Hey Duncan, can add attachments to comment online. Don't have to restrict to the 255 characters... ;)