Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Angler's Pool

And STILL the thaw is incomplete. And still there are no wildfowl anywhere except Millbrook Pool where today were; 50 Teal, 8 Gadwall and 8 Mallard. No sign of yesterday's Woodcock, but a Great Spotted Woodpecker bounded over calling. And that, was pretty much it for the pools... all iced over and hung with fog or maybe mist. I'm never too sure of the difference. Fog sounds like a grubby dirty thick nasty grey murky thing whereas mist sounds a little more atmospheric. SO, I'm going for mist coz it was all very atmospheric...

Eastern Reedbed

Millbrook Pool

Pumphouse Pool

The only other place with birds today was the Feeding Station. Hooching so it was with dozens of Blue Tits, Great Tits, Chaffinches and Reed Buntings hungry for the scraps on offer.

No Nuthatch or woodpeckers again though. Never saw a single Robin, Blackbird or Wren either. No Moorhen. No Long-tailed Tits. 4 Grey Squirrels. 1 Willow Tit. I have an inkling this cold snap has hit the Moore residents pretty hard. I guess time will tell...

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