Friday, July 16, 2010

Ah, the simple pleasure of patch passage...

Yesterday at Halfway House there were 4 Common Sandpipers - today there were not.

Yesterday at Halfway House there were 4 Dunlin - today there were not.

No... TODAY at Halfway House there was this...


FIVE Common Sandpipers (cracking views of adult and juvenile together), TWENTY NINE Dunlin (including the *4 'alpina' from yesterday and a flock of 25 un-raceable down river - highest patch count of the year), SIX Ringed Plover (highest patch count of the year too), FOUR Curlew (3 up on yesterday), 220 Lapwing (numbers building nicely) and a pristine juvenile REDSHANK!

And to cap all that, the Wren in my garden (see Tenacious T...) has hatched her rescued eggs!

Happy days :)

*Good size, lots of black on bellies, heavy breast streaking and quite long-billed. I'd even go as far as to guess they were 3 females and a male on account of one being a little bit dinkier than the others and it having a pale nape that contrasted noteably with its mantle and cap and which the other 3 lacked. Everything else was the same.

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