Friday, July 23, 2010

That Riviera Touch...

Ce soir il y a beaucoup d'oiseaux sur la rivière. La Pwing 965, C'urlew 52, mais il n'étaient Common Sandpipers! Not one! Ne pas de sausage. BUT I did get 3 Petite Egrets. Bloody merveilleux!

PS,,, Et une Raven...

PPS 13 Mistle Thrush in a tree! Don't remember picking up post-breeding flocks on the patch before.

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  1. re; Le Egret petite,one is making the denizens of the sand under the bridge its prey, flitting up and down the river all this week.
    Green Sands and a single Gshank on site here.
    Top views of BNG's with young in the company of Brian Martin @ the Eyes this morning too.