Friday, October 01, 2010

Very Big Jeff and the Bonxie...

Funny how things turn out. Well, I say 'funny'...

For a while now I've just not been able to get out to the patch, but I've taken a little comfort from the fact that nothing much has been reported. That was until yesterday. Now, I'd actually managed to free up some time to get out into the field and survey the patch avifauna AND the weather was looking good, so yesterday, was to be filled with much needed patchness. After a restless night of half-sleep, I woke up and it was gone. My mojo, that had for a while threatened to go AWOL, had done the dirty on me. During the dead of night Very Big Jeff had packed his rucky and left for God knows where. Upshot? Inertia set in, and the day was quickly lost. Then at 16:32 my LG buzzed and up popped a text from Duncan "Bonxie on norton mud". Now my mojo, Jeff, would have instantly set about finding a car and shooting down to the river, but mojo-less moi decided instead to err on the side of caution and assume it was one of the rather brown resident  juvenile LBBGs. Pity the fool! Text and e-mail this morning confirmed clear views of white wing flashes and reports of a Bonxie down the river at Speke earlier. Doh!

The moral of the tale? Keep your mojo sweet, you never know when you'll need it to snuff out that cynical little imp on your shoulder that's whispering "Go back to bed". Meh! Best patch bird of the year. Worst patch dip of the year. Lesson learned!!!

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  1. you should have believed Dunc - he phoned me and we went through what he was watching and I ID'd it as a Bonxie via mobile...

    How relieved was I when i got a call from Wigg the following day and went and confirmed??? - top dollar!!!